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NEWS Lloyd Godman

Image Catalogue - a resource to the images of Lloyd Godman - © Lloyd Godman

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Alpha space

entropy photo - selene Planet II Timed Lapse
Hybridize enLIGHTen a survey Equivalence Hermetic Emulsions Acute
When Light Turns to Dust Source @ the Speed of Light sup/PORT Disturbance in the Field
enLIGHTen implant LIFT Light Planet
Classification Plant Room Photosynthesis Aporian Emulsions Homage to Baxter
Lake Fill II Evidence from the Religion of Technology Colonization of Flora Portals Lake Fill I
Vivid Carbon Obscura

Green Expectations Carbon Obscura

LEAF - light impressions

la Chambre Verte - the Green Room Impressions de Lumière
Carbon obscura Conversations with Trees Nimbus Adze to Coda diVISION
Mail Art Projects Codes of Survival Drawing from Nature Summer Solstice works body symbols
Secrets of the forgotten Tapu Rotax series Last Rivers Song - large murals Last Rivers Song - Panel Panoramic photographs
Land Forms SoundZ Artist Portraits