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Clutha River, Central Otago,   Lloyd Godman

The Last Rivers Song is a photographic project by Lloyd Godman, based on the Clutha and Kawarau Rivers before the filling of the high dam at Clyde

1983-4 Lloyd Godman

the original project from 1983-4 was made up of two components: large composite photo murals up to 20ft long and smaller photo - panels. The work was followed up with 2 performance works ( lakefill I & lakefill II) 10 years later during the action of filling of the hydro lake.

The project is dedicated to all free flowing rivers where ever they may be



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The Last Rivers Song presents a stunning series of photographs of the raw, natural, beauty of Clutha River and Kawarau Rivers before the filling of Lake Dunstan at the completion of the hydro dam at Clyde in Central Otago, New Zealand. The work offers an evocative portrait of a wild, free-flowing river that has been lost to hydro development.

"Water surges, sprays, foams, whirls, ripples and rests, framed by very black rock which, when devoid of detail cameos the textures of its movements. In other instances a chiaroscuro lighting throws forward rock surface, its water-worn texture combining in rhythmic counterpoint with the current. The mural works are more expressively extreme, and have a greater over-all movement, each work capturing a different mood, from candy-floss fibres of foam in mural five, to the bone-crushing torrents". Alastait Galbraith - Art NZ No40

146 pages - large format landscape (11 x 13 inches 33.02 x 27.94 cm) printed on ProLine Pear (140# Text) paper - Hardcover imagewrap