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Ideas - time - Lloyd Godman - (the date then - ) denotes the project is on going - © Lloyd Godman

Super - sustainable art practice 2009 - Su/spend - experimental living plant work based on the principle of super sustainability. Super - sustainable art practice is where the practice and work produces a greater environmental and or organic output than the work consumes. Lloyd is experimenting with living suspended tillandsia sculptures that grow with minimal water in hot and dry climates. The only maintenance required is the trimming the new growth which provides more material from further work.
2009 - entropy - entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system. This on going series is based on the disastrous bush fire inferno that devastated the St Andrews Kinglake area of Victoria, Australia - Feb 2009
2008 Vivid Carbon Obscura: an exhibition for VIVID - the National Photography Festival, held for the first time in Canberra from 11 July to 12 October 2008. VIVID celebrates the vital role of photography in Australian life and history.
2008 Green Expectations Carbon Obscura - As part of the Sustainability Festival at Kernot Hall, Morwell for the 9th and 10th of May 200,  Godman has was commissioned to construct and install a large temporary installation (10.3m long - 4.1m wide and 4.2m high) - a Carbon Obscura - that reflects the GRID concept.
Burrinja Survey Show 2008 enLIGHTen - a survey - Curated by Ross Farnell at Burrinja Gallery - includes interactive works, Carbon Obscura, Timed Lapse, , Source, Balance, enlighten, and Equivalence the series.

Hybridize - A project in progress - This is a very long term project, with unpredictable results - as an extension of the Classification work - the concept is to cross-pollinate some of my Bromeliad collection, germinate and then grow the seed on to maturity over 4 -5 years, observe what eventuates and then name the new hybrids after fossil fuel machines - this also becomes a link to the Plant Room

2007 - photo - selene - Light painting - Luna light photographs - includes gathering falling light
2007 LEAF - light impressions - Cyanotype prints and charcoal drawings from an artist in residency at L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons, France
2007 la Chambre Verte - the Green Room - Projection installation - from an artist in residency at L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons, France
2007 Impressions de Lumière - from an artist in residency at L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons, France - 2007
Carbon Obscura 2007 Carbon obscura an interactive installation in the greenhouse at Montsalvat as part of Structure Space and Place - Installations in Nillumbik
Conversations with Tress 2007 Conversations with Trees - a series of cyanotype photograms
Wilsons Prom 2006 Equivalence - a series of photographs and charcoal drawings based on the 2005 fire at Wilson's Promontory Australia
Yerring Station 2006
Planet II - a large steel dish with a map of the earth with Australia in the centre cut into it projects a shadow onto the ground where a similar map is grown into the grass. During the course of a day, the shadow of the first moves across intersecting the other.
Source 2005
Source - Source consists of a suspended table and chairs with a data projection of the time lapse sequence on the table - the work raises issues of the source of our food, vulnerability and sustainability. Curated by Tony Trembath for ephemeral sculpture in Nilumbik.
Timed Lapse 2005
Timed Lapse - the first interactive work where the audience photograph themselves through plants growing. The work also explores ideas of time and aging. Curated by Dan Talley for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Ga, Atlanta, USA
2004 Hermetic Emulsions - a series of Van Dyke Brown photograms
2003 When Light Turns to Dust - a series of photographs created from discarded negatives where the silver image has been eroded and replaced with embedded dirt and dust
at the speed of light 2002 @ the Speed of Light - a continuation of experiments with plants, photosynthesis and self developing photograms, it is a progression form an earlier work Disturbance in the Field
2001 - Nimbus - photographs of angels or the winged human motif
2001 - Acute - Photographs of buildings on acute architectural sites
Support 2001
sup/PORT - an installation of Tillandsia Plants in Hafslund Upholstery shop window Port Chalmers Dunedin as part of the LOAD project organized by Georgiana Morison that ran along side Vision Art
2001 Disturbance in the Field - the first self developing photogram work

enLIGHTen - an interactive installation with seven infrared activated projectors and suspended Bromeliad plants that throw shadows onto the large (7.5m long x 3.5m high) tissue paper screens. The work is a progression of the LIGHT installation.

implant 1999 implant - an installation of Bromeliad plants on a mannequin, a woman and a skeleton. The work is a progression of the LIFT installation
elevator 1999 LIFT - an installation of Bromeliad Plants in a Lift. The work is a progression of earlier experiments with plants like Classification
Light 1998 Light - the first light projection installation with Bromeliad Plants
Planet 1998 Planet - Installation of a large (8mx4m) globe  on the floor of 101 Collins St Gallery Annex, Melbourne
1998 Classification - installation of Tillandsia plants in a museum case
1997 Plant Room - Installation of Bromeliads in the Plant Room (boiler house) at the Otago Polytechnic which contains 3 coal burning furnaces for heating the building complex.
1996 Photosynthesis - involved masking off areas of Bromeliad plants and exposing them for months to sunlight which created bionically imprinted symbols on the living tissue of the leaves
1996 - 2003 Aporian Emulsions - consisted of both Van Dyke Brown and Cyanotype prints, often applied in free form shapes and hung as large installations
1994 Homage to Baxter - a project with Lawrence Jones on the places from poetry of James K Baxter
1994 Lake Fill II - performance to mark the filling of hydro lake Dunstan, Clyde, New Zealand
1993 - 94 Evidence from the Religion of Technology - a series of large colour photogram works
1993 - The Colonization of Flora - an on going series of images that investigates how flora from the "colonies" has colonized other areas of the earth.
1993 - From the Camera Obscura - a series investigating large apertures and the unseen images they project
1993 Lake Fill I - performance to mark the filling of hydro lake Dunstan, Clyde, New Zealand
1993 - 2004 Adze to Coda - a series of black &white photograms exploring the relationship of tools and the land
1989 - diVISION - Photographic works investigating the Camera Frame - what lies within the frame what lies without
Mail Art Projects - from 1989, Lloyd Godman engaged in mail art as a sense of light hearted fun, an escape from the other more intense projects he worked on.
1989 -92 Codes of Survival - Combination Photographs / photograms on the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand. These works came from an art expedition in 1989 of 11 artists to the Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand Lloyd instigated in 1984.
1987 - 2001 Drawing from Nature - Drawing from Nature explores representations of nature and culture with the juxtaposition of a pencil & camera
1988 - 2005
Summer Solstice works - Over a number of years, during the week of the summer solstice, Godman would devote a whole day to following the traverse of the sun across the sky and landscape from dawn to dusk.
1986 -88 (body symbols ) - Body Symbols is a series of black & white photographs exploring the visual relationship of the human body and the ancient organic elements - earth, air, fire and water
1985 -86 Secrets of the forgotten Tapu - A series of photographic works based on the columnar basalt formations at Blackhead, Dunedin, that are being destroyed by quarrying
1983 - 84 Last Rivers Song - large murals - a photo based project exploring critical elements (earth, & water, light & dark) of the Clutha and Kawarau Rivers, before the filling of lake Dunstan at the completion of the hydro dam at Clyde in Central Otago New Zealand.
1983 - 84
Last Rivers Song - Panels- a photo based project exploring critical elements (earth, & water, light & dark) of the Clutha and Kawarau Rivers, before the filling of lake Dunstan at the completion of the hydro dam at Clyde in Central Otago New Zealand.
1983 - Panoramic photographs - images from a range of projects that use the broken panoramic to express the hyperbole of space
1982 - Artist Portraits - an on going series of images of photographs of creative people
1983 Land Forms (b&w photomontages) - a series of montaged photographs exploring the bird motif
1972 - SoundZ - photographs of musicians including - Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath to name a few