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"The process of photosynthesis is like a fine, critical thread that invisibly suspends all our food and the dining experience before us". Lloyd Godman 2005

The concept of the light garden orchard is to create a veritable, successional orchard or fruit forest, where there the always some variety of fresh tree ripened fruit available. In temperate areas like Melbourne most orchards produce fruit in the summer and autumn, however by planting a much wider variety of trees and multi-grafting it is possible to have fresh fruit all year.


Below is a list of the various fruits and nuts planted in the light garden
Almond   Jaboticaba   Peach
Apple   Jostaberry   Pear
Apricot   Jujube   Pecan
Avocado   Kiwifruit   Pepino
Babaco   Kunzea   Persimmon
Banana   Lemon   Pineapple
Black current   Lemonade   Pistachio
Blue berry   Lime   Plum
Carob   Logan berry   Plumcot (apricot plum hybrid)
Cherry   Loquat    Pomegranate
Chilean guava   Luma   Quince
Comquat   Macadamia   Red Current
Feijoa   Mandarine   Silvan berry
Fig   Maqui berry   Spicee (Nectarine plum hybrid)
Goji Berry   Marion berry   Tamarillo
Goseberry   Mulberry   Tangelo
Grape   Nashi   Tay berry
Grapefruit   Nectarine   Ugni molinae
Guava    Olive   Walnut
Hazelnut   Orange   White Sapote
        Young Berry


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