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Lloyd Godman - Portraits -  CURRICULUM VITAE - © Lloyd Godman


Lloyd Playing Harp with Gary Hayes and Nic on his 63rd birthday Bladessin Press


Dressed up for night at Pétanque St Andrews - this is a not a cig but a chocolate roll

2011 in the orchard at St Andrews

Lloyd with his sister in Fremantle 2012

2010 Dinner with Tom and Silvia Lowenstein, Jenny and Immants Tillers

2011 with a load of Bromeliads

lloyd godman Mildura 2009 - Self Portrait

Mildura 2009 - Self Portrait

Grafting fruit trees for the bushfire victims 2010


Lloyd and Tess with Ginge, house sitting in Sydney


Lloyd France 2007

Lloyd and Cédric Figue-Henric at the opening of Impressions de Lumière - from an artist in residency at L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons, France - 2007

2007 France

Lloyd Godman - Lake Hattah, Victoria, Australia

Lloyd Godman - Lake Hattah, Victoria, Australia - 2007 - Self Portrait

Lloyd Godman working on Carbon Obscura

Lloyd Godman working on Carbon Obscura - 2007 photo - Silvi Glattauer


Ocean View Beach, Dunedin 2005 - photograph Wendy Stewart

Brighton Dunedin 2004


In the snow - winter 2004

Bruse from a skiing accident 1998

For your curiosity left to right - Lloyd G , John Dewes-Hodgson, Natalie Dolamore, Hone Tuwhare, Jim Geddes, Marilynn Webb, Barry Cleavin, Anna Marcich, Sue Dewes-Hodgson, Sue Wilson

First snow board in NZ 1986 - Rod Rust and I saw a winter stick in a surf mag and made one

Drawing from Nature - Dunedin - 1992



Surfing Blackhead 1980

Opening of Secrets of the Forgotten Tapu 1986

Dunedin 1976


Kaikorua 1973

Aramoana - 1967

At Sandy King's Island, near Lowburn, Lloyd standing on right, his mother behind  Circa.1964


Grand Dad Harold and Nan with their grandkids Kea St Burkes


2014 - I am staying with my cousin Linda and she had a copy of this wonderful image - Left to right Joany with brother Ross, Untie Kate hugging Lloyd ( turns out she was keeping him from misbehaving) sister Wendy Nan Rachael and Granddad Harold at Burkes