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NEWS - 2016


Resilience is the word of the decade, as sustainability was before that. But a challenge with both words, as they relate to specific ideas and action, is that they exist so well in the realm of metaphor. They are more difficult in reality. Same with words like livability and justice. But let's think in a different way, and strike out in possibly new metaphorical directions. In this roundtable we invited 19 artists and designers of various types to respond to the word "resilience".

Visions of resilience. Nineteen artists say or show something in response to the word "resilience".

Lloyd has been invited to contribute to The Nature of Cities in a co-production with the new Arts Everywhere site -

Forum runs - 25 April - 16 May - More information soon


Lloyd has been invited to be a key artist in Flux Art festival in Brazil - as part of the festival we are exploring the idea of creating a permanent rotating air plant sculpture




Tillandsia SWARM - 5 Tillandsia plant cages have been installed at Essendon Fields


check the map for Tillandsia sites

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