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Diversity - Abundance - © Lloyd Godman - A super sustainable art project in progress

Billbergia hybrids, lloyd godman

Four Billbergia Hybrid seedlings Oct 2011 - these plants have all come from various seeds from the same parent plant - The Diversity - Abundance project plays with these genetic differences through hybridizing. Click on the plant to view and observe the difference.

This is a very long term project, with unpredictable results - as an extension of the Classification work - the concept is to cross-pollinate some of my Aromeliad collection, germinate and then grow the seed on to maturity for 4 - 8 years, observe what eventuates and then name the new hybrids after fossil fuel machines - this also becomes a link to the Plant Room

The naming of Hybrids ( ie rose sunset, desert bloom ) usually equates to the growers romantic notions, however the new hybrids I am producing will be named after carbon emitting devices like car names - I am looking to latinize the names like   - Ford Falcon etc. - ( Fordea Falconii)  - still have to work out the exact Latin.

I have also discovered this practice of producing more "green" than one consumes is called super sustainable -  The Swedish are looking to produce a super sustainable city - http://www.greenmuze.com/build/design/930-the-super-sustainable-city.html

for more info - artist journal

Aregelia flower - the first flowers were pollinated in the summer of 2007

Cross-pollination takes place between 2 plants of different species or other hybridized plants. While the new plant variation is likely to attain some attributes of the parent plants - shape leave colour etc. the results are always a surprise.