workshops with Lloyd Godman - facilitation - - © Lloyd Godman

Lloyd Godman is a New Zealand artist and experienced educator who has recently moved to Melbourne, Australia. He has been exploring environmental issues since 1983 and has had more than 40 solo and over 200 group exhibitions in 18 countries. Lloyd’s work is featured in the December 2005 issue of Artlink magazine. Lloyd established the photographic section at the Otago School of Art where he ran the department for 20 years and taught at both undergraduate and post graduate levels. While he has an excellent understanding of traditional landscape photography and fundamental photographic techniques, his work is acknowledged as experimental and he has developed many techniques that explore the margins of the medium. He has lectured and run workshops in New Zealand, Australia, Paris, London with a recent workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia, USA.

As a means of demystifying the process behind his creative work, Lloyd Godman has often incorporated a workshop along side an exhibition. He has also run workshops at conferences, etc. He believes that knowledge is something to be past onto the next generation of artists, and delights in seeing others reach their full potential.

Lloyd is part of the Baldessin Press and offers some workshops through the press. He also offers a range of other workshops and one on one sessions.

Photographic Workshop dates for 2009 -2010


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