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diVISION - a series of photographs - 1993 - © Lloyd Godman down load free - PDF version - ( view > page display > 2 up continuous)

the Camera Frame

The sky offers access to the infinite - in a mysterious universe it elevates our spirit - as civilization advances, our buildings grow taller, division of the heavens occurs without thought or planning.

The frame, integral to photography, defines the subject. Specific aspects are included the remainder is excluded. These Photographic works investigate issues of diVISION - in both the Camera Frame, what lies within the frame what lies without, and how the heavens have been divided.

Michael Kopp writes about the work in Photo Forum Review 1990:
" Akatore river 1990,' stacks the firmament above the fundament, the latter being a volcanic beach. Godman seems to say we can see the whole or its parts, and the whole is a sum of its parts in nature as well as in our mind's eye. These pictures are more affecting than their somewhat deliberately careless scattergun approach and matching would seem to indicate. But do they readily read as statements about the land ------ or how we see it?"