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Copyright conditions - Lloyd Godman

Original images and text on this site, are protected by the Copyright Act. There is no general right for users of copyright material to make digital copies of copyright material. Authors of works are granted copyright protection in Australia as soon as the material has been created, there is no legal requirement to register the work.

If you wish to load copyright material created by Lloyd Godman onto any web pages, or copy the images for other uses, create links to this site etc. specific permission will need to be sought from Lloyd Godman the copyright owner - fair and reasonable requests are usually given without cost. Any commercial exploitation is expressly prohibited - You must clearly acknowledge the source by including the copyright notice in any copy you make.


Use of other copyright material contributed to this site will need to be negotiated with the specific copyright holder.


Images for Publication - Terms and conditions!

Many of Lloyd Godman's projects provide unusual and exciting images which can be used in a variety of ways for publication.

There is a data bank of images associated to various projects by Lloyd Godman in this site that allows easy access to any image. Once identified please email a thumb nail of the image you require requesting a larger size file to be emailed to you for consideration.

One time publication ranges from $120 Aud to $200 Aud, but exact terms of use and fees will be negotiated for each use.