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the Organic Light Garden - © Lloyd Godman

St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

Tahitian Lime Tree  (Citrus aurantifolia

there is 1 lime tree in the St Andrews Orchard - Planted in the winter of 2005

Due to the dry condition from 2005 - March 2009 the tree has struggled to establish.

Establishing the tree is one thing, protecting it against wildlife is quite another - the tree is surrounded by wire netting supported by star pickets to stop attack from wallabies who eat the leaves. The netting runs to the ground to stop rabbits who might ring bark the tree.


When in fruit it is also covered with netting to prevent opossums and parrots who eat the fruit. The Star pickets also prevent large Kangaroos who frequent the orchard from bashing into the tree and breaking it down.

This tree was completely eaten down by Wombats in Feb 2005


I never had to worry about any of this lot in the New Zealand garden -



March 2010


May 2015