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"The process of photosynthesis is like a fine, critical thread that invisibly suspends all our food and the dining experience before us". Lloyd Godman 2005

St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

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Kunzea pomifera are from the Family: MYRTACEAE

This is a low growing native Australian shrub from western Victoria and S-E South Australia growing in sandy soils on the coast and inland. It is also known as Emu apples, native cranberry, manthari. The plant has small roubnd leaves and can be used as an effective ground cover or woven through a trellis. Trellised muntries allow easier access for harvesting and management. The plant produces clusters of small reddish berries that have a spicy applle flavor. Kunzea prefers well drained soil, is drought and frost tolerant. Crunchy in texture the berries contrain up to four timesd more antioxidants than blueberries.