the Organic Light Garden - © Lloyd Godman

Pecan - St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

there are 2 Pecan nut trees in the St Andrews Orchard - Planted in the winter of 2009

the 2 trees were planted as small bare rooted trees purchased from ebay and flown over from West Austalia. While I purchased 20 trees for $120 but , when they arrived there was 43 trees plus a lage bag of nuts.

So I also gave trees to many of the neibournes and friends who had helped me in one way or another since coming to Australia. Of course some of these had been completely burnt out in the 2009 bush fire. ( I worked on a project titled Entropy on the bush fires).

The rest of the nut trees I offered to the permaculture group and also sold off some for a few dollars to local plant sellers.