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"The process of photosynthesis is like a fine, critical thread that invisibly suspends all our food and the dining experience before us". Lloyd Godman 2005


St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

Macadamia nut trees

There are 2 Macadamia nut trees - tetraphylla hybrid planted in the winter of 2008

these trees made very good growth through the spring but suffered some leaf burn in the very hot weather of Feb 2009 - ( 47 degrees)


St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

there are two Macadamia nut trees in the St Andrews Orchard - Planted in the winter of 2005

Sept 2009

Establishing the tree is one thing, protecting it against wildlife is quite another - the tree is surrounded by wire netting supported by star pickets to stop attack from wallabies who eat the leaves. The netting runs to the ground to stop rabbits who might ring bark the tree.