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St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

Pear Trees - Pyrus communis

St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

there are two Pear trees in the St Andrews Orchard

Winter Nelis - Planted in the Spring of 2005

Nov 2007


A graft was made - Pear Vicar of Wakefield cooking winter 2007

More graftes were made in the winter of 2009

Pear Duchess ce Angeloun and Red Williams

PhotoMarch 2010





Josophine - Planted in the Spring of 2005


San Giannavi 2006

St Michael Archangle 2007


Nov 2007

This tree died in 2009 - 2010


The tree has been replaced with a new tree Pear Pachams Triumph winter 2010






Pear Slug

You do need to rid your tree of these pesky little blighters or they will come back in Autumn ten fold. Left untouched they can strip a small to medium size tree of its foliage. They will not eat al the foliage but feed on the leaf (skeletonise) it. As the leaf can not repair itself it falls and then this in turn is less energy for growth due to the lack of available chloroplasts present in the surviving leaves.

So how do you get rid of these leaf munching buggers.

So this leads us to either a mechanical means or a physical method

You have already eluded to the fact you do not want to sqish them. So use drying agents such as lime or ash, this may be dusted on the tree foliage to dehydrate the larvae.