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"The process of photosynthesis is like a fine, critical thread that invisibly suspends all our food and the dining experience before us". Lloyd Godman 2005


St Andrews Garden, Victoria Australia

Luma Apiculata (Temu)


Luma Apiculata has small glossy dark green leaves with tinges of red when new growth appears. A hardy plant that has superb little white flowers in Summer and Autumn. Frost resistant, the Luma requires full sun to part shade and enjoys a well drained soil. Luma can be used as a larger screening hedge up to four metres tall, a medium hedge or kept trimmed as a small bordering hedge. Luma apiculata is an evergreen shrub or small tree from Chile and Argentina. It can grow to 10 metres. Its small, aromatic leaves respond well to pruning so it is commonly used as a hedge. It also makes a wonderful specimen tree if left unpruned. With age it forms an outstanding trunk with sinuous cinnamon brown branches. Its bark peels to reveal streaks of pink and beige.

It is also known as Myrtus luma or Eugenia apiculata or by its common name Temu. Luma is a member of the Myrtaceae family (which includes eucalypts and lillypillies). It is frost hardy, and thrives in full sun to light shade and well drained soils. In summer and early autumn it is covered in small white fluffy flowers. Under some conditions it can be prone to attack by two-spotted mite.

The flavour and texture can vary considerably from plant to plant, the best are juicy, succulent, sweet and aromatic with a delicious taste, though the fruit can be dry and almost tasteless.


This tree was planted in the orchard in winter of 2009

Jan 2011