Past workshops with Lloyd Godman - facilitation - © Lloyd Godman

Burrinja Gallery Upwey, Victoria, Australia 2008

As part of the enLIGHTen Survey exhibition at Burrinja Gallery Lloyd ran a Cyanotype photogram workshop at the gallery. We looked at how the planet is a living and changing photo-sensitive emulsion and discussed issues around this.

Lloyd also outlined the technical aspects and history of the process, and the photogram technique where objects are laid on photosensitive paper to create an image.

cyanoype workshop This involved coating sheets of paper with light sensitive emulsion in a subdued light inside and drying the wet emulsion in a darken place -
When the paper was dry, leaves and other objects were laid on the sheet of paper under a thick sheet of glass and exposed to sunlight out doors for about 30mins.
When the glass and leaves were removed a ghost like image was imprinted on the paper
This was developed in water to fix the print
During the development process the images turns a cyan blue colour.