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From 1989, Lloyd Godman explored the visual strategy of what he termed di/VISION, where two camera frames are shot of a scene, one frame above the other, but with elements repeating in the resulting composite diptych. He explored this over several decades in landscapes of both the natural world and the built environment. Godman uses the technique with stealth to exploit the human desire to make sense of what we see - so while the eye sees two images, the mind wants to read a single image.

In this series he confronts architectural interiors and offers new visions of internal architectural space. There is a play with the simplicity or complexity of geometry and decoration within. As the frames are shot with a wide- angle lens, a strange perspective ensues that often suggests the dimensions and geometry of a new space, an unreal space, where an Escher-like quality emerges.

Foreword by Gavin Keeney

96 pages - large format landscape (11 x 13 inches 33.02 x 27.94 cm) printed on ProLine Pear (140# Text) paper - Hardcover imagewrap

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