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Entropy is Godman's response to the Victorian Black Saturday bushfire of February 2009. His intrigue with light and photosynthesis is creativly engaged in the regeneration of the bush from gray powder ash to thick verdant green. The project is a metaphor for his concept of the planet as a gigantic abstract photosensitive emulsion.

...the largest photosensitive emulsion we know of is the planet earth. As vegetation grows, dies back, changes colour with the seasons, the "photographic image" that is our planet alters. Increasingly human intervention plays a larger role in transforming the image of the globe we inhabit.

The work acts as witness to the green spirit within the earth that overcomes a grey ghost. The macro becomes micro and visa versa, forbidding monotones are replaced with subtlety of texture and colour, simplicity is replaced with complexity.

Paradoxically, both order and chaos is found in ash and regenerated emerald bush.

164 pages - large format landscape (11 x 13 inches 33.02 x 27.94 cm) printed on ProLine Pear (140# Text) paper - Hardcover imagewrap

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