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A catalogue of Bromeliads used for various projects by - © Lloyd Godman

This is a catalogue of bromeliads used by Lloyd godman for his various installations and photosynthesis projects - the collection of plants he accessed in New Zealand from 1996 - 2004 was collected from a wide range of sources, while most were brought from Greens Bromeliads, some were also donated by the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Later in 2004 these plants were either sold or given away with his move to Australia.

Lloyd is at present re-establishing his collection where he now lives in Melbourne and utilizing the plants for airborne gardens and the Hybrid project.


A Lexicon of Bromeliads: A resource by Lloyd Godman

Genera - Guzmania :Sub-Family - Tillandsioideae: Family - Bromelioideae

Guzmainia are tank type plants that hold water - they are largely epiphytic plants that come from dam, humid shaded area of forests from sea level to altitudes of 3.500m. All Guzmainia have leaves with smooth edges and generally glossy leaves. These plants need free draining soil. The attraction of these plants is the flower spike, however coming from warm climates like Costa Rica and Panama many are cold sensitive and difficult to grow in cooler conditions.


Plants are marked NZ for those collected in New Zealand - or Aust - for the new plants collected since coming to Australia

Guzmania Berteroniana

NZ collection


Guzmania Zahnii

NZ collection

Guzmania Unidentified No1

NZ collection

Guzmania Unidentified No2

NZ collection