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NEWS Lloyd Godman

A catalogue of Bromeliads used for various projects by - © Lloyd Godman

This is a catalogue of bromeliads used by Lloyd godman for his various installations and photosynthesis projects - the collection of pants he accessed in New Zealand from 1996 - 2004 was collected from a wide range of sources, while most were brought from Greens Bromeliads, some were also donated by the Dunedin Botanical Gardens. Later in 2004 these plants were either sold or given away with his move to Australia.

Lloyd is at present re-establishing his collection where he now lives in Melbourne.

Pollination of Bromeliads flowers

stigma: The top of the female portion of a flower that receives pollen from the anther

pistil: The ovule-bearing and secd-bearing organ. consisting of ovary , style, and stigma


An Eastern Spine Bill pollinating a Tillandsia. While they prove successful at pollination, these birds will happily fly from flower to flower, species to spiecies and genus to genus, mixing up the genes at they go about their feeding.