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@ the speed of light - an interactive installation of self developing photograms - © Lloyd Godman 2002


As part of @ the Speed of Light, Godman waited until near the end of the installation, when images had formed on the photo paper, and instead of the traditional exhibition opening, he invited an audience to a closing. At this with accompanying sound by Trevor Coleman, he undertook a performance where the photo paper was taken down and fixed.

While we pursue the expanding frontier of the digital galaxy, we should never forget light, the phenomena that haunted the inventors, that inspired the innovators of the medium, we should never forget the phenomena that drives life on the planet.

At the speed of light is a continuation of experiments with plants, photosynthesis and photograms, it is a progression form an earlier work Disturbance in the Field, in 2001 at the Otago Polytechnic School of Art Foyer Gallery by Lloyd Godman.


These images document the @ the Speed of Light performance, 6pm Nov 19, 2002 at the Blue Oyster Gallery. The lighting in the space was set with a strange mix of projectors, computer monitors, sodium vapour safe lights, ultraviolet and daylight and was quite dim.

Photographs Susan Badcock


To accompany the exhibition, Trevor Coleman, who had previously collaborated with Godman in 1984 on the Last Rivers Song project composed a soundscape that played continuously during the installation.