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Mixed Lighting - daylight artificial

With the evening shot where the lights are on – there is a bit of a trick to this – many architectural photographers who shoot building etc in the dusk do so when there is still some ambient light left in the sky.





Shot with motorola RAZR phone camera 2.megapizel

During the day we don’t see lights that might be turned on inside a building because the daylight is comparatively too bright. After the sun has set and the light begins to fall off there is a period – sometimes as short as 10 mins when there is still some light in the sky and on the subject but the artificial lights have an effect in out image.


In this image the light has just been turned on for the clock - and we see the yellow glow of the tungsten light juxtaposed against the falling dusk light in the sky.

The light in the sky falls off more and more until there is a point where the two equalize. Experiment with this timing and see how you get on.  
Here we see the warm tungsten light inside the vaulted ceiling against the blue light falling through the window.  
In this image of Rodin's thinker at St Paul de Vance we see the golden light behind played of the falling dusk light.  

With the bright lights of cities, it is often best to shoot with some ambient light in the sky - there can be quite an art to match the light ratio of this ambient light to the lights of the buildings - to see more view the next page -


this is also most effective when there is water in the foreground -





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