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Cameras in Mobile devices - phones

Through a process termed technological convergence, cameras have become integrated into other technology such as mobile phones. These cameras generally allow a some control over the taking of the image in a similar manner to a simple consumer digital camera.



However like much of this technology most users do not understand what features the device offers, how to use them or if they do they simply forget to use it when taking images. They simply point and shoot the shot and the device never gets used with any variation. Taking a few minutes to experiment with the camera to gain an understanding of what it offers and then taking the time to apply this when taking an image can have a huge affect on the resulting image. However if you do change the settings remember to check them when you take the next shots.

Some of the controls a phone camera might offer are:

Focus distance - Zoom - External view - Image style - Exposure - Lighting conditions - Auto timed exposure or capture - Resolution - Quality


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