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Light, like life is both constant and variable. As pieces of yin-yang  which mesh to form a perfect circle, our challenge is to perceptively reconcile the harmony  of this dichotomy.


As the light falls at dusk there is a gentle transition that we are normally not aware of. However, as photographers we need to take this transition into account. This is no more evident in a city environment where we have the inter play of falling ambient daylight and the gathering artificial lights of the buildings etc. This series of images demonstrate how subtle this transition is and how small the window of opportunity to harmonize the two factors is. The trick is to shoot when the ratio of light from the diminishing light of the dusk matches that of the city lights - too soon, as in the first examples. and the lights of the city are not bright enough. Too late and there is not enough ambient light in the sky and the scene falls into darkness with the city lights against black. Through these examples we can also observe how exposure effects the vibrance of the image.

5.20 p.m. Here the sun has set and the first lights of the city are beginning to show

5.27 p.m. The ambient light falls and more of the city is evident

5.29 p.m.

5.34 p.m. Although the sky is rich in colour, notice how the buildings in the scene looking rather dark and silhouetted.

5. 38 p.m. In this image the shutter has been extended by a stop, which has given the scene a vibrance the previous scenes lacked

5. 42 p.m. In these photographs of the sequence the light ratio of the sky and city is in harmony.

5. 44 p.m. Again as the light falls you may need to adjust the exposure

5. 44 p.m. This image is one stop under exposed than the previous image.

5.47 p.m.

5.51 p.m.

5.55 p.m.

5.57 p.m.

5.59 p.m. Now the sky is beginning to darken too much

6.04 p.m.

6.04 p.m.

6.07 p.m.

6.11 p.m.

6.13 p.m. In the final image the sky is falling into near darkness -



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