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Cyanotype - over pigment prints

This hybrid process involves printing a pigment print onto paper and overlaying a cyanotype image. While experimentation might reveal some intriguing results,

Selecting the right image

the first step in this process is to imagine how the two parts of the image will combine.

This image of clouds in a blue sky is suggestive of the cyanotype and for this reason I decided to work with this as a background.


This image of the back of a Roman mirror of 200BC has little blue and offers a good subject to juxtapose against the blue background

Working on the pigment print


Using layers in photoshop where the blue sky is underneath the mirror image, areas of the image of the mirror are erased away where the clouds will sit with a mask in photoshop.

Making the negative




Through photoshop a negative image is produced that combines both the clouds and the mirror. While the cyanotype emulsion covers the area where the mirror is, it does not appear to adhere where the pigment is laid down and washes off readily during processing. However, a space for the area of the mirror is created in the negative.



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