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Cyanotype - over pigment prints

Printing the pigment print


The pigment images is printed onto fine art paper - make sure the paper you are working with is of a reasonable weight (thickness) and quality.

It is a good idea to insert some x marks in the corner to help with registration

Coating over the pigment print

A thin layer of the emulsion is brushed onto the paper in subdued light or a safe light.

If you have doubts about if the lighting is fogging your paper, take a sheet which is coated with emulsion and has dried -

lay an opaque object on it like a pair of scissors for some time - say 10 min's and if there is an image left on the paper after this time you will get some idea of how long you can leave the paper out in the light for.

However having said this the process is very tolerant and I have made great cyanotypes under a tent in full sunlight at a fun workshop.

To gain an even coating, brush the emulsion length ways and then at right angles -
Repeat this until you are satisfied with the coating.




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