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books dvds

Tillandsia SWARM - experimental living plant sculptures by Lloyd Godman based on the principle of super sustainability - © Lloyd Godman

  • A ground breaking art/science experiment with Tillandsia plants that need no soil or watering system

  •  After a period of time the plants are used as biomonitors to log comparative urban pollution levels

  • The plants use a Cam cycle and grow in darkness cleaning the atmosphere at night

  • They uptake all water and nutrients though trichome cells on their leaves

 Like bee swarms, the plant cells grow in number. Currently there are - 40 Tillandsia SWARM cell sites - across 2 states - within 2 countries – at 1, 2, 3, 11, 56, 65, 91 and 92 (295m above base)




Tillandsia Swarm & Alpha Space Air Plant Systems (ASAPS) PDF info