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Tillandsia SWARM - experimental living plant sculptures by Lloyd Godman based on the principle of super sustainability - © Lloyd Godman

An ecological art - science work utilizing Tillandsia plants which need no soil or watering system, that are used as a biomonitor to log urban pollution levels!


Title: SWARM - concentric expansion

Construction will be a collaborative act as part of the

Practically Green Festival 2017

When: Sunday 15 October 2017

Time: 10am to 4.30pm

Where: Edendale, Gastons Road, Eltham


Final location: Eltham Town Square

Lat: -37.713837

Long: 145.149413

Aspect: Open, on top of the building and exposed to all elements

Level: 1

Install date: yet to be confirmed

Public Visibility: Yes - from Eltham Town Square







Digital render of SWARM - curvature expansion - Tillandsia sculpture

Digital render - detail of SWARM - curvature expansion - Tillandsia sculpture




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