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Mailart works 1989 - 2005 - © Lloyd Godman

Mail Art projects - artists journal - Lloyd godman

From 1989, I engaged in mail art as a sense of light hearted fun, an escape from the other more intense projects he worked on.

These works are some of the many created from 1989 to 2005 and posted off to the various recipients.

While the earlier works incorporated photographs and collage. However, in the later more elaborate works I utilized photoshop. It was a time when mail art was foraging into the web and as a response to this I would deliberately appropriate images from the internet and work over these images sometimes with as many as 20 or more layers. There was no attempt to repair any artifacts the images might have - in fact these aberrations were regarded in a similar manner to the post marks and envelope might gain through its journey to a recipient.

As many of the projects were based in Europe, it was also intriguing how exotic an artist participating from New Zealand was viewed to many of the organizers.