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timed lapse - an interactive installation by Lloyd Godman - © Lloyd Godman

Construction of Timed Lapse - an interactive installation

Jade Tomlinson (left) and Daniel Himburg (right) designers of the Timed Lapse soft ware.

BIT Research Project

Under the guidance of Dr Sammuel Mann, two 3rd year computer research students, Daniel Himburg and Jade Tomlinson, from the Bachelor of Information Technology course at the Otago Polytechnic, used the Timed Lapse project to undertake their own research project. This involved designing a software program that would control the camera, down load the images into the computer and store them in a fixed numerical order with other data. This other data included the date, time the photograph was taken and the number in sequence with the existing images. The soft ware would continually build a sequence of 50 images from 1 to the highest number ( the last image taken) and project them as a looped time lapse sequence. When another image was taken and added to the data base, the sequence would be reconfigured to include this image.

In effect this produced a kinetic time lapse sequence where the more photographs added to the data base he more rapidly the plants began to grow and eventually die. This was viewed within the context of the changing faces of the audience.


Time Lapse soft ware

The user interface developed by Virtuvian Technologies - Jade Tomlinson and Daniel Himburg. The number of images in the sequence can be altered - the length of each sequence - the location the images are stored - the length of time between camera timer images

The camera can either be set on a timer, from a button where the audience takes the images or both.

the images can be recorded and displayed with a date stamp, the number of times that image has been displayed, and the number of images in the image bank.

Moca Atlanta Moca Ga Atlanta 2005

The space at Moca GA Atlanta at the beginning of the installation.

Note the web cam on the wall, the trough, and the computer on the floor.

The computer mounted in place on the wall below the camera, and the trough suspended from the ceiling.
Lisa Dewberry
Lisa Dewberry from Moca, helping me with the shopping at the building depot.
Lisa with the plant trough suspended and about to be filled with soil.
Lisa and Leslie with the plant trough
Getting ready to plant the flowering plants in the trough
Preparing to suspend the acrylic sheet
Peeling off the protective coating on the acrylic sheet.
Simulated image from the web cam perspective
Timed Lapse installation viewed from above
Timed Lapse installation viewed from above

Lloyd with the Moca Ga staff -

from left to right - Lloyd, Annette, unidentified, Lisa, Ruth, Lesley

Ice storm in Atlanta that interrupted the installation
Curator of Accelerating Sequence, Dan Talley