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the use of Lines in visual design

The arrangement of several points can suggest a line. This brings us to the next visual strategy - LINES.


The dominant feature of this image is the single line of the pipe.
This image of the tree trunk and the jet trail contains 2 lines on a plain background of the sky -



Where as in graphic illustration a line might be the first mark made on the page, in photography it is less obvious and often occurs by implication.

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On the left of this image are a series of white points or small lines, look how the eye links these to create a longer and bolder line within the image.


we see this in other areas of the image also.

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Once the eye follows a line it has the tendency to carry on the line and it searches to continue the line on. In Gestalt theory we call this continuation. 

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Once the eye begins to follow a line it has a tendency to carry on and line to some other visual element close by pointing in a similar direction.

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If a line appears to leave the edge of the frame, the eye wants to follow it in a similar direction - in some cases this might suggest that it continues on to infinity -

However - if the line visually intersects with another imaginary line outside the frame we have a reference to join the two and create closure.


For instance - in this image we have an indication to the height and the width of the chamber - but no reference to the length

We can use this technique to suggest spaces an other visual elements are larger than they are in reality.




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