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Light in Photography -   LIGHTING - Sunlight - Weather - effect of weather conditions on light

Weather - effect of weather conditions on light

An ever changing and infinite range of lighting is created by different weather effects and this is often associated with mood - for instance although the photographs might be taken at the same time of day -

a bright sunny cloudless day - puffy white clouds - a grey overcast sky - rain and snow each have their own characteristics. Clouds become like giant reflectors that also filter the light - as they are never the same the effects are always changing. Look at the effect from the weather in each of the images below.

Clear sky

A few distant clouds

Greater cloud cover with many smaller clouds

Fewer large clouds


Windy salt spray

European sky

Soft hazy cloud

Fog dust and sun

Soft even cloud cover

Dense sky behind the subject as a background - with direct sunlight on the subject

Soft light

Flat soft light with haze in the sky

Flat light in the bush

Dense fog with no sun




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