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Often called softboxes, these pyramid units fit over the front of the flash unit and are generally quite large in size. They are often available in different shapes and each shape contains and directs the light in a different manner. The sides are highly reflective and contain the light within the pyramid shape directing it through a screen stretched across the front of the unit. These screens can be made from a variety of materials and each one will alter the light in a different way.  The lighting effect can be changed by altering the material the screen is made from. 

Accessories like barndoors that prevent the light from fanning out too broadly onto surfaces like walls and ceilings can be fitted to the sides  of the softlight. A honeycomb filter, which is a metal mesh shaped like a honeycomb and only allows the light to pass through in a straight line, can be fitted across the front of some units. Large sheets of coloured transparent gel can also be fitted across the unit.

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