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Light tents are ideal to photograph metal objects or anything else with highly reflective surfaces.

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  If the situation requires an even and very flat light, a special light diffusing tent can be built out of tracing paper or a similar material. The object to be photographed is placed in the tent and the only opening is a hole for the lens of the camera, with the light projected in from all around the outside of the tent. This is often used for metallic objects like jewelry etc.



For small objects certain plastic bottles with semi transparent sides are ideal as the opening at the top can be cut to fit the diameter of the camera lens and the bottom cut off to allow the devise to be placed over the object. The light can be directed from outside, through the sides and top of the tent to provide an even soft light.


  An object like a ring can be placed on a base at the bottom of the plastic bottle and the camera aimed down through the neck of the bottle.



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