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Before you begin make sure that you have cleaned all the inside surfaces of the camera, small dust particles can get trapped in the bellows, film holder and lens board, any dust can shown up as small clear dots on the processed film and will print as fine black dots on the prints which can not be spotted in the normal manner.


Decide camera position and angle (View point). Select the right lens that you need for the situation and mount on the camera.


Level the camera on tripod making sure it is level on both axis, and fine tune the alignment of the camera as you need to for the shot. Align the scene in the view finder under a dark cloth and with the aperture of the lens OPEN. This lets as much light as possible onto the ground glass screen and makes focusing easier. As small details at the edge of the frame are easy to miss with the human eye, be critical with this and check around the very edge of the image with a Lupe.


Starting with the camera in the neutral position, experiment with the camera movements until the desired effect is achieved. Once you have done this make sure that you lock all the movements up and also check the tripod movements to Make sure they are also locked.



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