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Film Cameras - What is a Film Format? Film Cameras - 120 Format

120 : This film comes in a roll but unlike 35mm film is bound between a layer of light tight paper. This paper has a length of leader and a trailer of this paper that allows the film to be loaded and removed from the camera. There a many different camera formats within 120 film but in each case the width of the film is 6cm. 


this image is mapped - Click on film format for more info

35 mm cameras 4 x 5 cameras 110 Camera

*The smallest size is 6x4.5 cm and produces 16 shots per roll
*6x6 cm gives a square format and produces 12 shots per roll

*6x7 cm gives 10 shots per roll

*6x9 cm gives 8 shots per roll

*6x12 cm the largest format with this film gives 6 shots

I still use 120 film - 6x6 format tipped onto a diagonal to shot the summer solstice work - This image is from the St Andrews Summer Solstice 2008


The documentation of my enLIGHTen installation was undertaken with a 6x9cm format





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