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The density of the image recorded can be altered through single stop gradations from +1,+ or -1,-2 stops. Because this is not achieved through an aperture but by varying the voltages recorded when the light falls on the sensor there is no affect to the depth of field in the resulting image.

Over exposure (+) This is useful where the subject might be back lit, and needs more exposure to bring out the detail in the subjects face, or where the situation is dark.

Under exposure (-) This is useful where the situation is very bright like at the beach or in the snow where you might like to bring out more texture in the subject.

The exposure control can alo be used to create mood in an image.


  -2, 2 Stops under exposure


-1, 1 stop under exposure

  Normal exposure

  +1, 1 stop over exposure


+ 2, 2 stops under exposure



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