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Alternative Photographic Processes - (Hand made photographic -emulsions and processes)

For the sepia recipe develop in a 1% borax solution.

Step 5.

In subdued light or safe light, wash in running water for 5mins the image will appear fully in a yellow-brown tone.

Make sure that the soluble emulsion is washed completely away and is not left on the surface of the paper to reset of the surface.

(However, I have deliberately used this aberration for some prints)

Additional Development Information:

Immerse exposed print in tray with running water or use agitation to bring fresh water over the surface of the print for about 5 minutes, or until image has finished developing up and water running over print is clear, not milky or yellowish.

This can be done in room light.

Do not just place the print in the water and leave it there for some time; stay with the process.

The image will turn reddish brown or darker brown in water.

Handle prints carefully while wet as the brown image can be partially rubbed off.

Like any photographic process temperature can also play a part and working with a wash between 15 -20°C will give consistent results.



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