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Alternative Photographic Processes - (Hand made photographic -emulsions and processes)

Kallitype - or Van Dyke Brown Prints

Materials, facilities and equipment check list:


Safety Equipment:

* Rubber gloves - essential

* ventilation -essential (use breathing mask if ventilation is not adequate)

*Apron - suggested

* Breathing mask - suggested

*Goggles - suggested especially for splattering, airbrush application


*silver nitrate - essential

*ferric ammonium citrate - essential

* tartaric acid -essential

* sodium thiosulfate - essential

* Distilled water -suggested


*Measuring graduates - these need to be able to measure up to 150ml - 200ml - essential

*4 containers for mixing the solutions - essential

* brown storage bottle, this needs to be large enough to hold both measures of chemical about 300ml or 2 bottles of 150ml. With two smaller bottles you can work from one and keep the other in reserve - essential

*Plastic spoon for mixing - suggested

*Eyedropper to put small amounts of sensitiser on paper - suggested

*Brushes - essential

*glass rods - suggested

*Pencil for registration or notes -suggested

*Sponge, rag, mop, soap for cleanup - suggested


*Support base or paper -essential

* Negatives -essential

*2 Trays, slightly larger than the paper size - essential

*Suitable exposure source -essential ( this could be the sun)

*timer or clock - suggested

*running water -suggested

* Masking tape - suggested


* an area to set up trays and wash prints - essential

* a place for coated prints to dry, in subdued light - essential

* a place for processed prints to dry -essential (e.g.. print rack, clothesline)

*a clean surface to coat prints in yellow safe light or subdued light that can be washed down- (or put down old newspapers) essential




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