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alpha space- experimental living plant sculptures by Lloyd Godman based on the principle of super sustainability - © Lloyd Godman

Rendered image for Code Green proposal, City of Melbourne Arts Grants 2012

Working with artist and writer Matt Blackwood, Code Green would combine a living sculpture with digital literature into a suspended scannable code. This super-sustainable sculpture would be suspended on the cross bar building Federation Square Melboure and could be scanned by any brand of smartphone, which will trigger a series of narrated short stories set in that exact spot where the audience is standing. The living QR code was an extension of the original concept of a bar code.

While we had Donald Bates – one of the two architects who designed Federation Square and director of LAB Architecture, as the Supervising Architect for Code Green, the proposal made the final 5 proposals for the $360,000 project but was not commissioned.


Detail Code Green - 'Angled Garden' in Bokchoy Tang courtyard

Detail Code Green - 'Angled Garden' in Bokchoy Tang courtyard looking outward to the square