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Entered 1 Dec 2009 - Lloyd is among the artists whose work has been selected for the Climate Change image section of Artlink December issue.


"As artists we have to move to using materials and processes that step beyond just commenting on the consumer society and the decline of our environment - we have to find a means of commenting but also contributing. For sometime now I have been working with living plants, and my work is about to enter a new phase of the is exploration - a phase where I initiate a super sustainable art practice" Lloyd Godman 2009


Right - Entropy Spiral I - Suspended tillandsia plant work Baldessin Press Nov 2008


Wilsons Prom moonlight light painting photography workshop

Jan 2010

with Lloyd Godman and Silvi Glattauer
Option one: Fri 29 Jan, Sat 30, Sun 31, 2010 - $480
Option two: Sat 30 Jan, Sun 31, 2010 - $380

More information on the Baldessin Press web site -

More information PDF

This is the fourth Baldessin Press 3 day workshop in landscape photography at Wilsons Prom. Work with artist/ photographers Lloyd Godman and Silvi Glattauer on this popular workshop at this stimulating location. Like other “Perceptive Vision” workshops, rather than a quest for the classic landscape image this workshop offers strategies for identifying and developing a personal photographic vision, style, iconography or universe.
The workshop program involves camping at Wilsons Prom for three nights - exploring the environment in late evening with the full moon and early morning with access to the education centre for critiques and digital imaging work. The workshop is open enough to cater for a range of creative photographers from beginners to those engaged in an MFA. Restricted to a small number of students, individual tuition and attention is guaranteed.

The workshop is a photography student’s heaven in a fabulous environment, and offers:
•time to discuss ideas behind your work and strategies to refine and develop personal concerns
•time to learn and experiment with new techniques like painting with light
•information on design aesthetics that will help improve the visual impact of your images
•answers to basic queries about how those finer features of your camera work, and applying this information in a practical manner
•in depth critique of your work

Book early. For further details please ring Lloyd on 03 9710 1350 - 0448188899
For more information check the web site - www.baldessinpress.com
Lloyd’s web site - www.lloydgodman.net
Silvi’s web site - www.silvi.com.au





After the great success of last years ephemeral sculpture workshop -

4 Day Summer Ephemeral Sculpture with Lloyd Godman

at the Baldessin Press


Sat - Tue

  23 - 26 Jan 2010
Hours 10 am - 4 pm
Cost $595
Enrolments (03) 9482 1605

Work outside, using natural , recycled and found objects, in the bush surrounding the studio. Non-invasive
creativity and innovation, at one with nature and natural laws. At the end of the 4 days, as part of the workshop,
learn techniques on professional photographic documentation of your sculpture, and then leave the work to nature. Be guided enthused and inspired by Eco-artist Lloyd Godman

More information on the Baldessin Press web site -


With a workshop participant coming from Britain to attend this workshop - Place in the workshop are filling -


Nov 21 & 22, and Nov 28 & 29

Open Studio Weekends

This year the Open Studio week-ends at the Baldessin Press are on Nov 21 & 22, and Nov 28 & 29, 11am - 5pm. More about our end of year party later....

If you would like to view new work, meet and talk with Lloyd and other members of the Baldessin Press please come and join us.

On view is a new Tillandsia suspended plant work -

Right - Entropy Spiral II - Suspended tillandsia plant work Baldessin Press Nov 2009


15th November - Lloyd has just returned from a recent trip to New Zealand for 10 days. After a super birthday celebration for his mother's 80th, Lloyd journeyed on with his mother and partner Tess to the Eastern Southland Gallery at Gore to view the wonderful works in the John Money Collection, then to Te Anau, Milford Sound, Queenstown, Wanaka. Then on for a meeting at the Forrester Gallery in Oamaru.

The Forester Gallery are negotiating the first New Zealand exhibition of Lloyd's work since 2003. A date is yet to be set.



30 Oct - 2nd Nov - Lake Mungo moonlight photographic Workshop a huge success.

Run through the Baldessin Press, the workshop spent the first night at Pink Lake - then on to Lake Mungo - working with Silvi - During the heat of the day - 40 degrees plus in the shade - we worked on aesthetic concerns and digital manipulation in the centre which has air conditioning - and then as the evening approached we worked in the sand dunes and later with the moonlight.


Frozen Tree - Pink Salt Lake - 2009

Frozen Tree - Pink Salt Lake - 2009


4 -17 Oct - AQC - David Carlline film.

During a retreat to the AQC near Canberra, Lloyd had the opportunity to meet and listen to David Carline. Inspired by his work Lloyd has begun work on documentary film about David's experience as the only Australian to sail into the test zone at Mururoa Atoll in protest against French Nuclear testing.

The film is in a rough cut form and needs further work to be completed.






September 2, 3 & 4 2009

As part of ReGenerating Community Arts, Community and Governance National Conference, Lloyd Has been invited to install Carbon Obscura at Federation Square and also speak at the conference. Carbon Obscura was originally commissioned by LaTrobe Regional Gallery as part of Green Expectations

More information www.cdn-generations.net.au/conference.htm

Carbon Obscura Fed Square linked to the free Wifi zone

For the Fed square installation a double sided banner will sit beside the work with information on one side about the work as a pinhole camera. On the other is information about the work as an environmental statement. Each side also directs the audience to access the free Fed Square Wifi and view the info online over a coffee where there is more info about each aspect -

Pinhole camera banner info

Environmental banner info



Conference Overview

The ReGenerating Community Conference is about ways in which global issues are being addressed locally through collaborations between artists, communities and local government. Issues of community identity in an environment of globalised culture; issues of energy production in the context of climate change; issues of indigenous sovereignty on leasehold land; issues of country becoming city and changing identity; issues of aging; issues of schooling; issues of imaging futures, issues of having a future...

People are switching off. Who can switch them on to determining positive futures? How can community relationships be built across the divide of the governed and the governing? Can communities choose the change they want, shaping their environments in unique ways? How and where is this happening?

This conference will discuss local governments responses to creating new models of civic engagement. Arts are the focus. Examples of arts based projects tackling the big issues through community cultural engagement are the springboard for discussion by leading national and international speakers, commentators, community leaders, officials, politicians, academics and artists.

The Generations project and five participating municipal councils will be in the spotlight:


September 2, 3 & 4 - Negotiations are also underway with Federation Square to have the work installed for a longer period -

Whatch this space - Carbon Obscura is installed and opens wed 3- 4 - 5 Spetember 2009



Latest YouTube Video of Carbon Obscura



Check out progress on the Entropy project based on the area of bush burned in the recent fire. At present I am shooting regularly in the area and have over 80 proof works on line - I began shooting a few days after the fire and have returned every few weeks since - later these selected images from within this body of proofs will be refined and and exhibition curated -

- already there are signs of regrowth in the forest - watch the project develop - check the project regularly


St Andrews Summer Solstice

The images from the latest Summer Solstice journey are now on line

St Andrews Summer Solstice

This series follows the shadows of the forest through the day from sunrise to sun set

The sequence has also been posted on YOUTUBE







Photographic Workshop dates for 2009 -2010


Lake Mungo moonlight photographic Workshop details and dates released - PDF -

Sorry the work shop is full - but you could either place your name on a waiting list or enroll in the Wilsons Prom Workshop below -

phone 03 97101350 - or 0448188899



Wilsons Prom moonlight photographic workshop details and dates released - PDF

Bookings are already coming in for this workshop




Bush fire at St Andrews

The blackened scenes after the St Andrews - Kinglake bush fire has provided a rich subject to explore the idea of entropy - I have begun working on this project in the past few days and have some work on line -

St Andrews fire 2009



Just a note to everyone concerned about the fires in Melbourne

fortunately Tess and I are both well and the house and studios etc. missed the fire by about 2km

The community around St Andrews area was the worst hit with many deaths and total devastation, so there is a real sense of sadness and loss, but also a sense of thankfulness for those alive.

The good news is we live on the other side of the valley from the fire  - we were away at the coast Wilsons Prom, running a workshop when it hit and we had the frustration of only finding out about it through neighbors mobile phone calls – so it was even more surreal. We drove home Sunday and Monday but now there is now a huge fire at Wilsons Prom and the while park has been evacuated.

The week before the fire assault had seen 4 days in a row over 43 degrees in Melbourne – a new heat record  - which is more like  46 degrees at St Andrews and also strong drying winds with no rain for over a month so the place was like an explosive time bomb.

The day of the fire was 46.7 in Melbourne a new record and about the same in St Andrews on our thermometer with a very strong north wind coming from the desert  - something like a hot fan oven in over drive. From all this hot weather, it had been evident that infrastructure like trains, power etc. were struggling in the heat and is simply not designed to cope. If you look closely at the info about computers etc many manufactures say don't operate over 35 degrees.

The fire was about 50 KM away from St Andrews which had been started by a transformer fault,  and then some embers blown on the wind started a fire a few valleys over  from us which began heading towards our place – the neighbors were freaking out with phone calls telling us don't expect a house when you get back. And then the wind suddenly changed and blew in at about 120km so the fire turned and rushed up the valley to the top of the mountain at speeds of about 200km  - the heat was so intense that houses and cars exploded before the flames reached them.  The fire was so hot there was no real smoke -  just flames and fire balls - So some people had no warning or chance of escape –

 We had friends who heard the fire was 50 km away and decided to head for town with neighbors for dinner -  by the time they reached the end of their road to turn onto the main road three fire balls exploded out of the sky in to the bush beside their car – when they rounded the next corner the trees on both sides of the road were on fire  - they managed to get out but still do not know if their house is OK – their neighbors have lost everything.

 Some people coming behind them who managed to get out on the same road they had to cross over 30 fallen trees blown over in the explosive fire balls.

Tess's best friend Norma evacuated but has lost her home and vineyard, also the devastation to the nature reserve on her land is total.


 We have heard accounts of friends jumping into dams with blankets over them and surviving extreme heat.

 One story about a guy who jumped inside a drain pipe that ran under the road and lay in the water – as the fire passed over there were pulses of flame sucked through the pipe from one end to the other so he kept rolling in the water and survived.


 However, sadly we have had some friends who perished and many more who have lost everything. 

The hill across from us look like a bomb site – and the huge trees at Kinglake on the top of the ridge look like black match stick skeletons on the skyline - the St Andrews market has been set up  as a Police fire an army control centre –Many of the roads have trees down over them and as the clean up is on more keep falling over –

Some of the fires are still burning close to us - so we are still tense.

Looking at the destruction and loss gives us a new insight and respect to the people we know and love.


 We are both thankful to be alive and have a many friends like you


 Love Lloyd and Tess





Monday 5th January 2009 - With the headline - Lighting up the power industry, Lloyd Godman's Carbon Obscura IV - installed in the sculpture courtyard at the La Trobe regional Gallery - From Dec 16 - end of Feb 2009, makes the front page of the Latrobe Valley Express.


Godman's Carbon Obscura IV - has been installed at the La Trobe regional Gallery




For further information please contact Alison Taylor Artistic Coordinator Green Expectations ph 5128 5713, email AlisonTa@latrobe.vic.gov.au c/o Latrobe City Council, PO Box 264, Morwell VIC 3840



With assistance from Omnigarphics and the use of Bio Flex The First Landfill Degradable PVC