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Lake Fill I - performance works to mark the first filling of hydro Lake Dunstan, Clyde, New Zealand by Lloyd Godman - © Lloyd Godman

Performance to mark the first filling of hydro lake Dunstan, Clyde, New Zealand - Lloyd Godman Lake Fill I - May 1992


I imagined a ceremony that marked the passing of the river's flow, a performance that not only used photography to document the event, but actually incorporated photographic image capture as an integral part of the work, where by the end, a camera would recorded a vista of the river sequentially obliterated by the rising water.

Later, from 1988, this integration of the photographic act in my work was also exploited in the Summer Sostice works and also Timed Lapse at MOCA Ga USA. At this time I had also come to realize much about how the politics of the "Art World" in New Zealand worked and had decided I preferred to work in a private capacity with the performance. But these would be well documented.