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disturbance in the field - an interactive installation of self developing photographs - © Lloyd Godman

An installation at the Foyer Gallery School of Art Otago Polytechnic as part of exhibition the Reading Room curated by Bridie Lonie and Grant Thompson

This work grew from my contribution to the Load project organized by Georgina Morison. From Load an artifact existed,
(words on a page; text. Texts within text, codes within codes, messages within messages, intricacy within intricacy, meaning within meaning,) that offered an other application.

Other than to say it is a readerly text that privileges an imaginary reader rather than a writerly text (Barthes) and it  plays on the pun of field with reference to disturbance as a static from the parasite ( Serres), I would prefer not to underline the exact concepts behind the work but leave this open to both curator and viewer.

(mouse over to see roll over image) - Image changes from projector off to projector on

The work consisted of a tillandsia plant suspended from the ceiling, a sheet of B&W photographic paper pined to the wall beside a sheet of text with writing about Bromeliad plants. A projector was positioned so as to project a shadow image onto the sheet of photo paper. As a viewer approached the projector turned off,. Ie initially there was no change to the photographic paper, but as the exhibition progressed an image of the plant self developed through the action of light on the photographic paper.


Image juxtaposing the text and the Tillandsia - Lloyd Godman - June/July 2001