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What we might consider as a "good" photograph often has a sense of visual order based on other images we have already seen. As a photographer with a trained eye we are constantly looking for a senses of visual order within the camera frame from the visual chaos that surrounds us.


Architectural subjects - Photographing natural landscapes, and architecture present quite different challenges –  often you need to deal with quite different aesthetic concerns.

Because man made structures like buildings streets etc are built on geometric shapes it is often somewhat easier to design an image in the camera frame when approaching an architectural subject. After all, the frame itself has a defined geometric shape and the vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines of the frame reference the geometric subject. Understanding where to place strong vertical and horizontal lines within the frame, can emphasis desirable visual elements and give the subject visual impact.




For instance if we what to give a building a greater sense of height we might use a portrait or vertical format – if we want to make an interior look more spacious we might use a landscape or horizontal format.


Although the contemporary design of building lends themselves to the geometry of the frame, even older buildings with intricate decoration are based on geometry.


We can play strong geometric shapes of buildings against the organic geometry of nature.




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