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Gestalt Theories - Similarity - The visual strategy behind SIMILARITY is SAMENESS

Remember that the largest areas of greatest contrast have the most impact in an image.  

This relates to an alikeness of objects - the principle of similarity is that visually related visual elements that are equidistant from each other are grouped according to their similarity and seen as a single figure.



The series of red lines are similar and link together

Here we see diminishing similarity


In this image the similarity law is simple - the similarity of shape color and texture of the fire extinguishers links them all as a visual element - there is little to conflict with this -

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This image is slightly more complex - we see how the round set of umbrellas create a different figure than the rectangular ones -although the colour and texture is similar between all the umbrellas, the similarity of shape for each set unifies them as a group, and creates a difference between them-


what makes the image interesting is this juxtaposition of shape, one element against another They have a strong visual impact because the background contrasts in colour and tone -


Here the similarity of the 4 cabbage trees unifies them as a single element


In this image the bubbles are roughly the same shape and are equidistant from each other are grouped according to their similarity and seen as a figure or shape.

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Through the principle of similarity, the visual likeness and spatial relationship of the bars of the railing creates a single and larger figure.


Here the similarity of colour texture and shape unify the chairs as an interconnected figure -

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While the row of bike wheels have similarity, look how the red covers create a strong larger figure. This happens because of their colour - they project forward - where as the rest of the wheel becomes tonally somewhat confused as a background. There is also a second set of red in the controls on the handle bars.
Symmetry where 2 areas of a scene are repeated in the image is also an aspect of similarity.

Symmetry can also occur in reflections where 2 areas are similar.

There is strong similarity in the posts

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