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the use of Shapes in visual design - understanding Form and Volume

Archetypal Forms.

Architects use these forms or aspects of them in various ways to design buildings, and infrastructure of our cities - for the photographer each presents a different set of challenges to light. We use light and shadow to represent form and volume in objects.


The most efficient form is also the most basic and common - the cube

Largely our cities are built as a series of cubes.


Cylinders are most often used for storage containers, like in the wheat belt, for liquids like oil etc, or for chimneys.

Look how the chimney has a shadow down the rigfht sid which contrasts with the high lights on the left side and suggest a 3rd dimension.



However with this pyramid the subject is photographed in a manner where we dont see the 3rd dimension, and the side we do see has flat lighting on it.














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