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the colours - Yellow

Yellow is the brightest and lightest of all the colours and in fact does not exist in a darkened form unless degraded, that means with grey, black or white added. The darkest pure yellow is brighter than any other colour so it projects forward more than any other colour. It is most often found against darker colours it seems to radiate out of the picture.




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Matching it with other colour is difficult. A similar blue for example would have to be quite pale. There is very little latitude in yellow, to be pure it must be an exact hue. Yellow and every other colour expands or contracts, (changes apparent character) when associated with another colour. It is most intense against black and most insipid against white.  


This is why we find yellow used for road signs.  


Here we see a play with the yellow gold patch on the building and the yellow tungsten lighting on the structure in the lower left. Mouse over to see how darkening the sky brings the yellow forward.

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