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Camera Frame - Framing the subject



Areas of dramatic sky can be fantastic and add a feature to a subject - as in this image where it points downward to the caravan with the light on -


they can also become a subject in themselves as in this image where the cloud creates a pattern.


However, take into account that blank areas of light sky can also rob your images of their visual power. for instance in this image the bright bland sky takes up about 1/3 of the image area -
Simply by framing the scene with more rocks and less sky the image gains more visual power -


we might even ask the question if you need   any sky at all - in this image the bright sky in the upper right draws our attention away from the plants on the cliff

Where as in this image the plants become more of a focus point - notice that the relative tones and colour become more vibrant, this is because against the lighter sky we read them differently

Experiment with this with other scenes - here the blue sky is included

Here the view point is slightly altered and there is no sky



Exposure can play a part in the way large sky areas work aesthetically in the image - here the sky is becomes a dramatic major feature of the image

However in this image the large area of bland white sky robs the image of its energy -


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