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To understand how light works on objects it is often useful to experiment with simple objects like cubes and eggs to relate how the tonal value of the various surfaces and planes can be altered simply by rotating the object in relation to the light and the camera view point.

Learning how to visualize how the light will fall on a subject and how the changes in light values on a subject will translate to film is a very valuable skill to learn. For instance it is possible to light a white cube so each of three faces reads as a different tone, White, Grey and Black. Experimenting with exercises like the CUBE can give a basic insight into how light can be used on a subject.

Using a cube with all its sides painted white, try lighting it to match each of the following tonal combinations ie white grey and black.  A desk lamp in a darkened room will be adequate to see the results, alter the direction of the light to achieve the desired tonal combinations. Remember to chose a point where an imaginary camera is positioned to view the changes that take place as the light is moved.



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